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Timeline of Fire

We wanted to do a timeline because we all wanted to learn more about how fire affected people in all different time periods. Our timeline ranged from a caveman and how he invented fire, all the way to a future scientist and how he controlled fire, and how it affected him. We researched about the time period that we were assigned. With all our information collected we started to write a 1 or 2 page story, acting as if we lived in that time period. To make the timeline more interesting we also decided to make a movie of our timeline as well. We all somehow found costumes that looked like it was from that time. Each person, in order, from past to future read their story aloud while being filmed. We thought that it would look good if there was the written story on a timeline wall, and also an audio of the story so people could listen to it if they don’t feel like reading.

On the final night, unfortunately our computer failed, and we couldn’t get the movie to work, so nobody got to see it. Other then that little catastrophe our timeline presentation looked awesome.


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