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The Beginning...

At the beginning of the school year we participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up as an entire school. Shortly after, Hurricane Katrina roared into existence having huge impact on the environment. The teachers decided to begin the year discussing natural disasters as the first inquiry topic of the year.

We were so fortunate that Iain’s great uncle, Dr. Harland Johnson, from New Orleans was visiting Calgary after experiencing Hurricane Katrina. He visited us and told us lots about hurricanes and how they impact the people who live in their paths. He also shared some of the New Orleans culture with us, such as Mardi Gras.

Questions asked by the students to Dr. Johnson:

  1. Why did you leave, when so many people stayed?
  2. Were you worried about family members and friends in other areas nearby?
  3. What was it in that last minute that made you change your mind about staying?
  4. When you went to the hotel after the hurricane hit was it free? If not, who paid for it? Will you be reimbursed?
  5. Why did you decide to get your medical shots?
  6. When you and your city were on the path to recovery, how did you feel abot Rita? Did it damage your home?

The Big Questions!!! Or How We Focused Our Inquiry

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