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The Journey

We were asked what we thought “to move against the stars” meant. We responded to this request with drawings, one of which you see here.

In fact, this is the literal meaning of the word “disaster”.
Dis” which means against
Aster” which means stars
Natural events become natural disasters when humans live in areas where they occur and try to control “the stars” – the natural world. And so . . . Against the Stars came to be the title of our Inquiry.

Each student chose a natural event which interested them. They were asked to decide on a natural disaster which interested them. With that they needed to explain how is the disaster defined, list some actual occurances, find out what technology is associated with the disaster and think about any positive outcomes of the disaster.
They answered questions about their event, using books and the Internet. This information was presented on a poster.

We watched a video on UNICEF and one called “Ryan’s Well” about a boy who raised money for a third world community in need.
Students collected money for UNICEF during Halloween.
Each Element group has also discussed what it means to be a member of a global community and what we can to help other people around our world who are in need.

The Birth of the Elements Museum

We needed a way to organize all the information we were accumulating.
The decision was made to do this by building a museum of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air
Mr. Conaty, the head curator, taught us about the roles in a museum and timelines needed when putting together a display.

At this point, our 4 student teachers took over. Each was in charge of one element group. Each group decided how they would include the required inclusions for the museum.

Necessary Museum Elements

Physical representation
Fictional and factual writing
Reference to past, present, future
Reference to duality of the element

Click on the image below to learn more about the 4 element exhibits.





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