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How do humans control water?Can we really control water?

Goal: To create an understanding of human need to control water through the research and understanding of the largest dam in the world- "The Three Gorges Dam"

What will this look like? Using a physical reprentation of a dam and text panesl displaying research and images, we will tackle the greate debate of teh building and existence of the Three Gorges Dam.

Choose a Side: Both sides wrote newpapter articles in support of the dam or emphasizing the negative effects of the dam. The articles included both past and current issues.

Positive Side: The students investigated what a dam is, why it was built? who decided it would be built? how it will benefit the people of China?

Negative Side: The students on the negative side investigated who protested the building of the dam and why? As well as some of the possible negative impacts the dam will cause for the people, water and land of China.


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