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The Future

How can we help those negatively effected by water?

Goal: To expose our viewers to the new ideas about water and our connection to water as humans, leaving our viewers with something to ponder. To provide our museum visitors an avenue to help those effectedthe Tsumani through a financial donation.

What will this look like? The students will create text panels and artifacts explaining the reserach of Dr. Masaru Emoto. For the fundraisnig aspect the students will create a wishing well used to collect donations foru our chosen cause.

Dr. Masaru Emoto: Students researched who Dr. Emoto is and what he dicovered about water? How did he compile his research? How did he photograph the water crystals? How did he change the water crystals? And how did he transmit positive and negative thoughts to the water? are just a few of the questions the students explored. Compiling this research, the students wrote newspaper articles about Dr. Emoto's research.

A Wishing Well: Students spent time collecting materials and collaboratively built a wishing well for the collection of donations


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