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Poseidon: The Great Ruler by Evan

Chapter 1

A long time ago when the Greeks believed the gods and goddesses were real Conus and Rhea were the rulers of the universe. The rulers of the universe had a son named Poseidon. Posiedon lived in Egypt but it was hard to live there in those days because all the water from the Nile River was polluted.

One day Poseidon was walking by the pyramids of Giza. He looked down and saw a necklace lying on the ground. It was silver with a red ruby in the middle. He picked it up. Suddenly, dust started swirling around him, the power of it forcing him to the ground. It swirled faster and faster until it stopped. To Poseidon’s surprise the god of the future Nacia was standing over him.

Nacia greeted Poseidon and told him that the necklace tells the future. There was a long silence. Nacia went on to say that if Poseidon looked into the ruby he would see sad news. The dust starts to swirl again and Nacia disappeared. Poseidon heard the wind say, “look into the ruby.” So Poseidon looked into the necklace.

Chaper 2

Inside the ruby Poseidon saw a great war. Spears, people, horses, blood, were in fast motion. It was so chaotic that Poseidon gasped and could not really tell what was happening. Smoke filled the image in the ruby and the war scene disappeared. A voice echoed in the ruby telling Poseidon he had to leave before the war came. It told him to gather a crew of people and to leave on a boat.

Suddenly Poseidon’s brother Hades, the god of the underworld, touched Poseidon on the shoulder. Poseidon half screamed and jumped to his feet. Hades, who had been watching Poseidon and the ruby, was standing in front of him.

“Scared?” Hades said.

“No, just a little bit shocked,” Poseidon replied.

Hades mumbled “frightened,” to himself. Then he asked Posiedon, “do you have any idea who I am?”

“Yes,” answered Poseidon, “you are my brother Hades, god of the underworld.”

“Jealous?” replied Hades.

Poseidon said, “no, you don’t know anything about me. All you are is the god of the underworld.”
“ Try me,” answered Hades. “I know you will not come home safely.” Poseidon wondered how Hades knew of his journey that he was going on but before he could ask Hades, the god of the underworld burst into flames and disappeared back to the underworld.

Chapter 3

The next day Poseidon started looking for his crew in the souks of Cairo. He first found Ramses, Hercules and Tutankahmen, then found Thoth, Isis and Osiris. Poseidon thought he needed one more crew member so went to the temple to see if he could find another. Suddenly he saw a figure with dark blue eyes looking at him lurking in the shadows. Suspecting that the figure was that of a god, Poseidon’s heart started to beat faster and faster. The moon went behind a cloud and now all he could see was the dark blue eyes looking straight at him. Poseidon tried to remain as still as the shadow. Suddenly the shadow came closer and closer to him. He fell backwards to the ground. A vase fell over and broke.

The figure said with a deep, dark voice, “Zeus has instructed me, Hermes the Messenger, to come on your journey with you.”

Poseidon was shocked to see a god before him. Although Poseidon knew that he was a god, he still did not know what powers he possessed.

Chapter 4

The next day Poseidon and his army left Cairo and set sail for Ithaca. The first island they stopped at was unknown to them. As they stepped off the boat the air smelled of something that no one could explain. It was like the air itself was evil. The grass felt as though snakes had been sliding all over it. The trees looked like the trees in my brother’s script. The wind was screeching, piercing the ears of anyone who stepped on the island.
They put branches in there ears so they wouldn’t here the terrible screeching from the wind. They stayed on the island because they new that there was a terrible storm coming their way and if they kept sailing they would die. they walked for about 1hour searching for shelter when they came to a fifty foot gate.

The gate was covered with snakes sliding along it. Thoth yelled there will definitely be
shelter here but how do we get through? Hercules Poseidon yelled we can use your shovel. Finally they got to the other side of the gate. They found a long staircase leading downwards. When they got to the bottom they found a narrow cave they had to crawl under. Later they came to a wide cave with plenty of space for them to walk in. Water dripped down and echoed off the cave walls. Snakes slithered every where they were in medusas palace.

Chapter 5

Suddenly a hand popped out of the ground. Then to legs. A face popped out of the ground its teeth were sharp and poisonous snakes were slithering out of her hair and she was 6 feet tall. The ground started to shake. The lady was Medusa!

Medusa said in a creepy voice who doesn’t know the prophecy well you don’t. A gate this big is mine and if you dare to go through you will be tempted to go down the stairs
And then you find me Medusa oh and my precious snakes will strangle you. It’s so nice
To see someone to kill! Suddenly her arms started to stretch into her body she now had no arms! Her hair tangled into her body! Her legs stuck together she turned all gray! She was a huge snake!

Suddenly Poseidon let out a scream of terror! The snake was slithering up his leg and to his throat to choke him. Poseidon was gasping for air he couldn’t breathe! Hermes took out a dagger from his pocket and stabbed the snake it was all over. To there surprise fire was circling around them! The fire disappeared and Hades stood in front of them. Hades said with a deep voice my fire will burn you to ashes! He disappeared and burst into flames. fire came closer to them and closer to them! Pray Poseidon yelled. Then something amazing happened water started spitting out his ears mouth and eyes. It put out the fire in instance.

Chapter 6
But then another bad thing happened the ground was shaking and rocks started to fall. They crawled very fast through the cave. Thoth died. They were very sad but they new that if the they stopped running they would all die as well. They were running so fast that It felt like it was two minutes before they got to safety. They sailed to Ithaca and when the war ended they came back to Egypt. Zeus made Poseidon the god of the sea and earthquakes and one day Poseidon saved a horse so he became the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. He lived ever after well almost ever after.

The end


Copyright © 2006 Stacey Ronsky, Allyson Evans and Grade 2 Students