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The Voyage of Odysseus by Theo

The Voyage of Odysseus

Story and Illustrations by Theo

The Voyage of Odysseus

Story by Theo



Odysseus the greatest warrior was getting ready to go to Troy to fight a war. So the next day they packed their stuff and got the twelve ships ready. Then the sailors and the soldiers, knights, horseback riders and Odysseus said “Good bye” and the people wished them good luck, then the travelers set off. The people looked and waved at them until they were not in sight. The black ships sailed for two years and they did not see land each day. They would go kill 5000 pigs and eat them. Then, night came and every one was sleeping and then the lookout man yelled “LAND!” Then everybody woke up to come and see for themselves, and then they all yelled “LAND!!!” They were all crying with happiness and were jumping up and down. When they got to the land, they went to the King and said, “We come in peace.” Then the King asked “Who are you?” Then Odysseus replied, “I am Odysseus, King of Ithaca,” and the King said, “Go back to your ships and leave!” Then Odysseus said, “Yes, your majesty.” When he came out, he found out that the King’s people and the King were not good people because some evil monster with one eye called Cyclops came and threw big boulders at his warriors and him and his ships. Eleven ships broke and lots of people died and his last ship was stuck then everybody who was not dead got in the last ship, and rowed with all their might. Then the ship broke free and they set off leaving their friends behind that died and they sailed for one year. Nobody slept because there were only 100 people left. They were all so tired, but when they saw land, they were so happy, they jumped out of the ship and they swam there. Then they saw a woman and asked for food and water. The woman called Circe said, “Come in,” then the warriors went in. Odysseus thought it was a trap so he hid behind the window. When nobody was looking Circe put some poison in the drinks. Then the men drunk it and then she came and touched all of them. Then she turned them into pigs.



Odysseus got so mad; he got in his ship and sailed to the land of the dead. Then he got a lamb and killed it. The dead people came one by one to taste the blood. When his mom came Odysseus did not let her come to close to the dead lamb. But when the blind prophet came Odysseus let him have some blood. The prophet said, “Go to the Island of Crete and drink the poison and when she is about to tap you draw your sword and then she will say I beg you have Mercy on me, how could a man resist my power.” Odysseus said, “Yes your majesty.” Then Odysseus set off. When he got there, he said to Circe, “I am hungry.” Then Circe said come in. Then Odysseus drank the poison. When she was about to touch him, he drew out his sword and put it to her neck. Then she said “I beg you have mercy.” Odysseus said “How can I when my men are pigs?” Then she let the men go then Odysseus got in the ship and sailed off to their homes.


Then they got home


Copyright © 2006 Stacey Ronsky, Allyson Evans and Grade 2 Students