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Taking Action

The Grade 2’s research of arctic animals and their habitat lead us to discovering that the polar bear was under great risk from the impact of global warming and over hunting. We decided we needed to take some action to help the polar bear. What can we here in Calgary can do to help the polar bears in the Arctic? This was the question that guided the writing, and producing of three mini documentaries to communicate to the public what is impacting the Polar bear and what we can do to help. We enlisted the expertise of Gord Hamby and Erica Rae Graham.


It was easy to memorize the lines because they take the bad lines away.

I am an actor. I really enjoy being an actor. It is fun because I get to work with a friend. It wasn’t to hard to memorize my lines because I only had one part in the movie.


It wasn’t hard to use the camera because all I had to do is pan the camera and press a button that pauses and records.
-Drake and Max

We worked in front of a camera. It was really fun. Also, we only had to do 5 takes! Because Ashley and me knew our lines and it ran through well!


It was pretty easy to edit by listening to their voices and we did it in the library with Nick and Mr. Hamby. We had to cut it to put it with the good part.

We deleted all the bad ones. We used Media Studio Pro Version 7.0.
-Nicholas and Noah


We used the electric guitar, shaker and electric synthesizer cause it was cool together and the whole group liked it. It was sort of confusing to make the music because you had to press a whole wack of buttons.

Making music with Ms. Rae. We started by clicking an eyeball and some different instruments appeared. Then we clicked some pieces of music. We choose some instruments and then decided whether it makes sense for the movie. Well, it was easy. I worked with Adriane, Nathaniel and Connor. We worked on the computer in the library.



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