Arctic Journey - Robotics - Taking Action - Boats - The Odyssey


During the reading of The Wanderings of Odysseus and the study of the Acadian community, the scientific exploration into boats and buoyancy was a natural extension. In order to understand how boats propel through water, the Grade 2’s decided to look at how animals are able to propel through water. How does the shape of the killer whale allow it to swim up to 48km/h? How are 109 tonne blue whales able to float? It was through this research and many experiments on density, buoyancy and stability that we were able to successfully design and build boats of our own.



After all our research was complete, we designed our boats based on the questions:

After we collected all the materials we would need such as 2L pop bottles, foam, skewers, construction paper, aluminum foil, and glue, we began to build our boats with the help of our Grade 6 buddies.


Finally we were able to test out our designs. Our Grade 6 buddies were so excited that they came to watch how we did!



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