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Dualities in Nature

Throughout history, our knowledge of the world seems to always sit inside the concept of 2. The Grade 2s have been exploring the dualities of me and you, chaos and serenity, truth and imagination, past and future, home and away and the consequences from our good and bad choices. Environmental literacy and the power of story has been a major focus in our work. Join us in our year long exploration!

Naturalist Journals

As our inquiry took us into examining the arctic life, landscapes and animals, it was a logical progression for the students to make Naturalist Journals to record their study of their favorite arctic animal. This is the scientific or factual part of the inquiry.

It was decided that the journals should be made of natural products like paper and twigs collected off the school grounds. The students carefully put together their own journal, and began observing their animal’s characteristics in their journals as scientist, Jane Goodall, would have done. Details were carefully drawn and written about as the students developed an understanding of their arctic animals habitat, family and hunting behavior.

Scratch Art

The grade 2’s wanted to depict the arctic landscapes using various media. First, we drew arctic landscapes using chalk on blue construction paper. Then, we enjoyed making scratch art drawings as an exciting alternative way to depict arctic life.

Scratch art is created by coloring a blank page with many colors of oil pastels. Then a coat of white paint mixed with dish soap is painted over top. The dish soap stops the paint from cracking. Then the picture is created by scratching paint off. There are special scratch art tools that the students used to scratch their pictures. As the colorful oil pastels are revealed by scratching, a beautiful picture appears before your eyes!

Hello Arctic

The Grade Twos have been inquiring into the duality between fact and fiction or truth and imagination. Through this work we have discovered that good myths and stories combine both of these elements. In the creation of 2 separate stories, both classes took the factual knowledge we acquired from our Naturalist Journals and added our imaginations to produce some new knowledge. Each student was responsible for one page within the story and what resulted are 2 beautiful class books about Arctic animals. The pictures were scanned into the computer and the students added their text using PhotoDraw 2000. Here is a look at what both classes created.

2A Story

2B Story

Watch for our stories and work on our documentary coming in May, 2006.

Copyright © 2006 Stacey Ronsky, Allyson Evans and Grade 2 Students