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Odyssey Stories


We have been exploring the dualities of nature. We found dualities in chaos and serenity, truth and imagination, past and future, home and away and good and bad choices. As a class we read the Odyssey, a story of the greek leader Odysseus and his journey home after the war in Troy.



After reading the story The Odyssey, we had a special visit from artist Chester Lees who helped us create shields as our characters in The Odyssey story would have used. We also made amazing greek pottery relief pictures which adorn our classroom walls.




Then we decided to write our own stories based on the journey in the Odyssey and our favorite characters from the story. We learned about having a beginning, middle and end to our story. We also started planning our stories on storyboards and then with some help from our grade 6 buddies we typed our stories using the computer.


Evan's Odyssey Story

Poseidon: The Great Ruler


Theo's Odyssey Story

The Voyage of Odysseus





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