Arctic Journey - Robotics - Taking Action - Boats - The Odyssey


When deciding what task to do for Robotics, the Grade 2’s were eager to return to helping the polar bear. After brainstorming all the different jobs our robots could do, we came up with two different tasks. The first was to build a robot that could move on ice and pick up any garbage preventing the polar bears from eating it. The second task was to move close to the water and pick up a sample to test for any foreign chemicals that may exist. If those chemicals were to exist, the polar bear’s main source of food, fish and seals, would absorb them causing contamination in all these animals. With the help of Don Jessee and parent volunteers, fourteen groups of children built and programmed robots that successfully used a light sensor to locate water or garbage, stopped and waited to pick up garbage or test the water and then return to its starting place, using the light sensor to stop.


Copyright © 2006 Stacey Ronsky, Allyson Evans and Grade 2 Students