- Did you know that if you died people can tell from your skull and other bones how old you were and if you were a girl or boy?
- Did you know your funny bone is NOT a bone, it’s a nerve that runs near your elbow?
- The 3 layers of your bone are the Compact bone, Cancellous bone (or the sponge bone), and the Bone marrow.
- The outer layer of the bone is called the Compact bone. It is hard and smooth.
- Inside the compact bone is the cancellous bone. It looks like a sponge but it is still very hard.
- Bone marrow is inside the cancellous bone. It’s like a jelly and makes blood cells, it also has some of the nerves inside it.
- Without bones you would not have any form and things like the brain would be at your feet.
- You have 350 bones in your body as a baby, and 206 when your full grown.
- The only way you can get a broken bone is if one or more of your bones has been bent in the wrong position too far. Some people can "Over twist" certain parts of their body, which commonly refered to as "Double Jointed".
- When you are a baby you have a soft spot on the top of your skull. This soft spot is there because your skull needs to grow and, also, it is easier to be born when your skull is soft.
- Altogether you have 31 bones in you lower body and 32 bones in your upper body.
- You have 21 bones in your upper and lower jaw as a full grown adult.
- You have 22 in your skull (without counting the jaw) when you’re an adult.
- Did you know that you have 19 bones in your hand?
-You also have 26 separate bones or vertebrae.


Skeletal system

The Skeletal system is one of the most fascinating systems in your body. For Example, there are 3 tiny bones the size of rice in both of your ears. I bet you didn’t know that. There are 7 bones in your ankle and 19 bones in your foot and toes. There are 2 in your shoulder.
The rib cage is so important because it holds lots of vital organs, like the heart, lungs and liver. There are two kinds of ribs, the hanging ribs and the connected ribs. The connected ribs are connected to the breastbone. The hanging ribs have one side that is connected to the breastbone but the other hangs.
You have 22 bones in you skull and 21 in your lower and upper jaw together. Your skull protects your brain and the skull has two sockets in the center that hold an organ called the eye.
Inside the bone there are 3 layers. The toughest part of the bone is the compact bone. This part is hollow and is lined with nerves which makes it strong but not too heavy. Cells in the bone use calcium and phosphorus from the blood to keep the bony substance hard. Inside the compact bone is the cancellous bone. It looks like a sponge but it is still very hard. Bone marrow lies at the centre of bone. The bone marrow at the end of long bones is responsible for making new blood cells.
People always say they hit their funny bone right? You may think that they're talking about a bone near their elbow but, in fact, the funny bone is not a bone at all. It’s actually a nerve that runs down your arm and in-between the bones in your elbow.
I bet that you did not know that your muscles are connected to your bones! Well they are, the muscles have a thin layer that is like a root that is hanging onto the bone.