· Lymph is a white milky fluid
· Lymphatic means Immune
· Swelling is the lymph going to heal the wounds
· The lymphatic system acts like a goalie and the Ball/Puck tries to get in the net and score.
· Somebody with no T-cells will die within 2 hours
· T-cells keep away air born infections
· The tonsils and adenoids absorb Toxins in food
· The spleen is a big lymph filter that absorbs bacteria
· Some pressure points are lymph nodes
· The lymph vessels flow the lymph through the body

Fun Facts

· There is a diesis called lymphatic Flarisis it swell’s the limbs
· The appendix is part of the lymphatic system
· Some of the pressure points are some lymph nodes
· Lymphatic Flarisis usually attacks people in Africa and south America
· The flu is fought off by creating anti-bodies and flow them thru to the infection



Lymphatic system-immune system

The lymphatic system is closely related too the cardiovascular system. It is because it’s important too the bodies defense mechanisms, witch filters out organisms that will cause diseases, that will create certain white blood cells and generates antibodies.

The word lymph means white milky body fluid with special white blood cells called lymphocytes they block bacterial infections. The system includes the spleen, the thymus, lymph nodes and lymph ducts. The neck, groin and armpits hurt a lot more than other places because there are lymph nodes.

Lymph se eps outside the blood vessles in spaces of body tissuses and is stored in the Lymphatic system to flow back into the bloodstraem. The lymph goes through the veins and artres and too the nodes that are able too eleminate products of celular break down. The largest body tissue in the human body is the Spleen. The lymph drains fat from the entistiens and protects us from from forgin envadors. There are over 100 tiny oval shape nodes.
Thare are small veins called lymph capillaries witch cary lymph too the ducts. The ducts are used to store the lymph (milky fluid.) the ducts eliminate toxens and other air born deises. You may wonder why you get a puffy eye if it’s swolin, it’s because the Lymphatic system is trying to fight off the infection. The swelling is the lymph rushing too the wound. But it’s just helping to cure it not to make it wores. Demonstrated by the diagram bellow. You can see how lymph is distributid too the body. See in this picture how well it explains how the Lymph is distributed. The lymph is collected in the thoracic duct. As you can see in the picture there are certain cells to also help fight off sickness. Lymphocytes are one of 5 white blood cells or leukocytes. If you didn’t have a lymphatic system, you would be very, very sick. If not very sick you wouldn’t be here. B and T-cells are used to fight off tumor-cells.