Creating our own pieces

At the Art Gallery of Calgary we were each challenged to create an alias or tag, which represented us. We then went into the studio to take our sketch and make it into a piece. These were finished at school and displayed in the hallway. We then wrote about our tags and the meaning behind them. This really helped the viewer understand them better.

Some of our Tags...

I chose my tag name Fox because foxes are curious and I am curious too. The colors I used I my tag were blue, black, green, purple, orange, brown, pink, yellow and red.
I chose the ying-yang sign because I am Japanese. I chose pencils for education and for art I chose a spray paint can because I like graffiti style art. I chose vines for my tangled up sports life and fox footprints because that’s my nick name. I drew this tag because I get to express myself.
Reid M.
My tag says “Skater” because I like to skateboard (but I’m not that good). I chose the colors green and black because they’re my favorite colors. I chose red and yellow because they are eye catching. I ripped up a piece of material because sometimes I rip my pants when I skateboard.

My tag name is Cole Train. It originated from my old trailer park at Pine Lake. A man named Garth gave it to me, and whenever he came by he would say, “Hey Cole Train.” He would always stop by and talk with my parents for awhile. He was very good at wakeboarding and skiing. He could even go barefoot. He was the park owner’s son. The park owner is Danny and his wife is Lexy. But one fatal spring evening Garth was riding his quad home from a party and crashed. He died. Our family went to his funeral.
Dedicated to Garth.Cole M.

My graffiti says “Aliaxin”. I chose this name because I wanted a name that had a strong vowel at the beginning. I chose many different light colors for my art because they are a lot more appealing to the eye than …. If you look closely there are 11 arrows. I use the arrows because they confuse you when you look at it. When you put deformed shapes between the letters it makes the art look more cluttered and a lot more like graffiti. I really do like how the art turned out because I painted it. I have two questions to ask:
Does the art make you think?
Can you see Aliaxin?
Justin R.
I chose Splash as my tag name because the piece of graffiti style art I was looking at was really messy looking. It looked like that artist splashed all of colors onto the canvas. I did the same thing with my tag. I splashed the colors onto my piece of paper. My main colors are different shades of blues and greens because Splash reminds me of the deep, blue sea.
Gillian D.
The reason why my tag name is Led Thrust is because it was the first thing that came to my mind and I thought it was a pretty cool name. When I thought of the name Led Thrust I thought of very messy things so I made my tag a very messy one. The reason why I used the ball that has a medal bars on it is because it reminded me of the artist Salvador Dali and he is my favorite so I try to get him in all of my artwork. I used the name Led Thrust in many different ways because I didn’t really know which one I should use. I used magazine pictures in my tag, which isn’t very realistic because on the street you wouldn’t see magazine pictures on a tag.
Brendan O.


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