Our Visit to the Art Gallery of Calgary

Questions at the Gallery:

Some responses to our trip:

"I like the graffiti exhibit because it sort of tells you that graffiti isn't always bad. When they had the art in the art gallery, that made it not bad." Devonte CM.

"When I was at the gallery I saw many pieces made by graffers. Lots of these designs were inspirational to me and inspires me to create things like that. I really liked my outing because it teaches you to appreciate art whatever it is." Theo V.

"The art critique was very cool. We got to look deep inside the picture and see what it was saying. We also got to pick out little pieces of the picture and draw them." Nancy P.

"I saw snakes, a mechanical bug, and a sun that said alive. I saw that one side was dark and the other side was light. I also saw art where strings were coming off it. I think the art gallery was very cool, confusing and really interesting. It was a great learning experience." Reid A.

"My favorite piece that was there was the one created by Crum. The reason that that one caught my eye was because of the colors and shapes. I would never really think of putting those colors together." Paige P.

"I really liked this piece called Sight. It had the word SIGHT written across the bottom in graffiti writing. We also got to do our own graffiti. We came up with an alias for ourselves and put it into graffiti writing, then made it into art. Mine was very hard to read. My alias was t x stream. Get it? Like The Extreme, but with a weird twist. I really like the art gallery." Erica N.


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