Graffiti: What the law has to say

After looking at graffiti as an art, we turned to the ugly side of graffiti. We studied the tags found around the city and realized that graffiti also includes stickers, posters and etchings, (not just paint).

It was at this point that we went onto the Responsible Citizenship website and answered the following questions:

Next we went on to the City of Calgary website. We had to answer the questions below:

The City of Calgary's definition of graffiti: Writing or scratching on a surface without consent

We found out the 3 different types of graffiti.


We found out the fine for applying graffiti is up to $5 000!! Removal is up to the property owner and must be within 12 to 72 hours of its appearance!

The city advertises three steps through which citizens can control graffiti:

1. Record
2. Report
3. Remove



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