What is graffiti?

Welcome to the grade six web site on graffiti. We looked at graffiti and how this is viewed by the City of Calgary. We used our study of graffiti as a way to learn about the different levels of government, especially the local or municipal government.

Where did we begin?

December 2005 - Ms Kershaw and Ms. Watt attended a workshop to pilot the “Responsible Citizenship Through Safety Education” web site. This is a joint City of Calgary and CBE project. This site is under development and is scheduled to be launched in May 2006.

Here's an excerpt from Ms. Kershaw's journal:

The legalities of graffiti

The art work we had viewed at the gallery, on web sites and within the city was cool. But it was important for us to realize that there are consequences for the actions of the people who do graffiti.

The victims of graffiti

We also needed to look at how graffiti impacts others. Some of the people we considered were homeowners, business owners, bylaw officers, and parents of graffers. We had visits from Goodbye Graffiti, the Kerby Centre and Urban Youth Worx.

Taking a stance

Now that we had experiences with graffiti as an art and as a crime, it was necessary for us to take a stance. Is graffiti an art or a crime?

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