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Acrylic Flowers

Chester Lees came to Kindergarten on the last day of February and the first day of March. Just as one needs to warm up prior to exercising, we used her first day with us to do art exercises. They include working with warm and cool families of colours which include red, yellow and orange in the warm families and purple, blue and green in the cool families. We learned which colours fight and need to be mediated just as some family members need such support. With this colour information in mind, we created colour families of rainbows on pages, perfecting our brush technique. Chester taught us an important skill of painting with the brush shape in mind, i.e. using the shape of the brush to create the flower shape, rather than simply drawing the flowers with the paintbrush as one would with a pencil. This is a very difficult skill as you are basically painting “blind” with no preconceived notion of what the painting will look like when you start to paint.

Our first task was to understand the colour wheel. We learned about what colours the warm family and cool family are made up of and then we painted papers with warm colours and papers with cool colours. These papers will be used later in making Eric Carle style Flowers in our final art project prior to our Kinder Garden Art Show on May 5th.


Then we got to day two with Chester and we were fully prepared to paint with the mature medium of acrylics. Each child chose a mat board on which to paint and received a palette of paint. Acrylics require no water in mixing the paint, as watercolours do. We simply used water to rinse off the brush when that was necessary. The quality of the artwork and the skill which the students demonstrated in their product is outstanding and truly surprised even their teacher who holds high expectations for the finished pieces. All products exceeded what I thought was possible, and I am so proud of the Kindergarten children and their abilities. Wow!

Some used a picture to direct the painting process.

Others simply painted with the freedom of self-expression.

Chester was always available with suggestions and support.

Chester Lees taught us how to prepare our pallette to have the warm colours together and the cool colours together. It simply makes painting easier. We painted with joy and enjoyed the activity.

Here are some proud demonstrations of the acrylic finished flowers pieces. More were shared at the Flower Tea on St. Patrick's Day.

For more information about Chester Lees, see Visitors.


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