Inquiry Focus

Audrey Mabee

Audrey Mabee is a visual artist practicing out of Arts Central Gallery in downtown Calgary. She has graciously VOLUNTEERED her time with both Kindergarten classes and allowed her work to be photographed for careful examination by our students. She will be doing a watercolour project with our students on February 27th, 2006.

Woman with flowers Women (oil) Three Women Women (watercolour)

Audrey Mabee is a practicing artist in Calgary and she founded Artspace Gallery where we will have our Kindergarten art show on May 5th, 2006. Artspace opened in October 2000, with a public launch in April 2001. Enlightened entrepreneur and owner Gerry Kendall first had the vision of an art market on the site, and brought in Audrey Mabee (once acting president of the Alberta College of Art and Design, and before that, part owner of The Croft) to shape the idea. She, in turn, enlisted her son Rob Mabee (formerly of Harrison Galleries) as gallery director. Who would have known that when Mrs. Patsula admired her art in ArtsCentral gallery that she would be intimately connected with the location of our Kindergarten art gallery show? Artspace is located on the second level of Crossroads Market (1235 - 26 Ave. S.E.). Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday.

She is a talented artist and we were very lucky to have her volunteer her time at our school to both critique our work in her style and teach us more art focusing on negative space—to be seen in the third term of Kindergarten.

Audrey Mabee is a wonderful artist who shared her talent and supported our art making by visiting the Kindergarten students. During her time at Glendale, she taught us a new painting project using negative space, called the Negative Space Fish. She also enjoyed examining and critiquing (using Feldman's Art Critique Method) our art in her minimalist style. Above, you can see Quinn and Audrey discussing his art together. In the picture below, both Isaiah and Jacob are sharing their art with Audrey--in fact, this is the first art these boys did in our Kindergarten class!! To thank Audrey for giving of her time so freely, we made a special painting for her. The artists, Nicholas and Emily talked about their work and their words are framed with the art. Audrey has displayed these two paintings in her studio, right beside her own art in this style. She told me that many visitors comment on the pieces and enjoy reading the words of the artists.

Audrey, thank you for your inspiration and appreciation for art and artmaking which you shared with us. This visit will remain with us to remind us of your warmth and talent.



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