Inquiry Focus

Chalk Pastels

Kindergarten explored flowers through colour at the beginning of the Flower Power curriculum. After our first art project using oil pastels, our focus turned to careful and critical colour blending. Students had many opportunities for exploration into colour mixing through blending, using clear tiles, etc. To further the student's understanding of colours, we explored the creation of a flower with chalk pastels.

The first step was to choose a photograph of a flower and carefully examine it. What do you see? If it is red, is that all you see, or are parts of the red petal also pink, orange, purple, even blue? Now students are challenged to think critically about the different components they observe when looking at flowers. What colours are those components and what shapes are they? Now can you draw that on the black paper?

Students are expected to first draw their images using a pencil. The pencil line appears silver on a black piece of paper and is easy to see. Then they are invited to go over their markings using a variety of different colours of chalk pastels. This blending portion is messy and time consuming so patience makes a more detailed and realistic product. At this age, the messy aspect is a bonus to our students. It is essential that we protect our clothing with a paint shirt or we would be as dirty as our hands!

Yellow Orange Blending
Kirsten drew and coloured with care and attention with each colour for her artwork. First she used the yellow, then on to the orange chalk pastel. Now the messy part of mixing with your fingers! The messiness of chalk pastels is the reason we are wearing a paintshirt. Art is messy but it is fun!
Blue More colours


Kirsten's careful blending makes a richer depth to her artwork. More realistic.

Kirsten is carefully demonstrating the colour mixing technique using her finger, the chalk pastels and a tremendoud amount of patience. Good art takes great care and a large amount of time to complete. Your attention to details is obvious in your final product made with love. Thank you for showing us the art skill so clearly, Kirsten! You are now an art teacher to all who visit this site!




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