Inquiry Focus


This year’s inquiry is based on the fact that individuals uses art to express themselves and plants use flowers to express themselves. With this in mind, the big questions are:
• How do plants grow?
• What is the lifecycle of a plant?
• Are we inexpiably tied to plants?
• Why are plants important to human beings?
Our first and most basic examination of plants was through our Colour and Shape booklet. We learned to be confident in drawing a variety of flowers and the expectations in art making which is the basis of our “Flower Power” inquiry.

With Ms. Roth, we undertook a planting experiment to determine what conditions would be optimal for growing bulbs to flowers using Narcissus bulbs. We planted some in the dark and some in the light. The plants in the light were in rocks, soil, and paper towels.

Planting the pots Planting flowers

After Christmas we took advantage of our warm weather and took some more bulbs outside to plant in what we now are optimal conditions. The students decided to add additional organic matter to the soil to assist the bulbs in growing. Some children picked up grass, pinecones and leaves, but we recognized that garbage would not be of benefit. This growing period we nurtured both narcissus and hyacinth bulbs.

As this year progressed, the Kindergarten students became prolific planters, who have grown narcissus, hyacinth, sunflowers, mint and lavender within the classroom.
We also planted seeds in the Glendale Courage Garden including marigolds, a large variety of sunflowers, violas, etc.

After learning about the proper conditions that flowers require to grow, we took great care to ensure we supplied ideal conditions to facilitate plant growth. The students were vigilant observers of the plants, noting when water was necessary, if growth happened, watching, smelling and enjoying the blooms that we fostered, etc.

This love of planting has spilled out into the Courage Garden where we go out to check on our seedlings, remove any litter or weeds and generally offer care and appreciation for the beauty around us. Such love of nature will be very beneficial over the summer months when the student body is not around to care for the garden. Hopefully, the kindergarteners will bring their family to spend an afternoon tidying and nurturing the plants we so carefully and lovingly brought to life in this special place.

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