Inquiry Focus

Oil Pastels

Kindergarten students are investigating plant physiology in the beginning of their flower inquiry. We notice that plants are made of different colours and shapes, and endeavour to recreate these shapes in their art, true to various plants. With careful observation, students noted stems are different widths, leaves are a variety of shapes, and petals vary too.

By pulling out a sunflower from the Courage Garden, students discovered roots under the soil, out of our sight. Children also harvested sunflower seeds and other flower's seeds to assist in producing more plants in the new growing season. Our art strives to display our learning about plants while exploring artistic techniques as we further develop our own artistic talent.

The drawing begins with a regular lead pencil to create the initial line drawing. Kindergarten uses pencil first because it allows one to change or erase anything at this stage. This is called the 'under drawing.' Once this step is completed, students apply a variety of different colours - layer by layer - blending the different colours together.

Oil Pastels
Student colouring
Erik pictures
Blending is a large focus for this art project. Students explored the skill of drawing a photograph of a flower and making it look as it appears in the photograph. With the blending, students realized that a yellow flowers contains more colours than just yellow.



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