Inquiry Focus

Flower Petal Art

As our inquiry into flowers and art is progressing, the Kindergarten students have begun to take up a more scientific perspective to examine their topic. Throughout this term, there have been several hands-on opportunities for students to observe, touch, and smell a variety of different flowers. We have begun to inquire into specific types of flowers and their distinct properties (i.e., thorns as a defense mechanism on a rose to protect it from animals). More recently, the Kindergarten students experienced taking apart several dozen flowers of different varieties, to fully observe the different parts in each plant.

We then pressed and dried the petals as well as leaves for an art project around creating our own unique flowers. By gluing real flower petals onto the paper in an arrangement similar to that observed in flowers we deconstructed, the students gained an intimate understanding of their subject matter.

Miss Roth led us through a careful examination of flowers by bringing in many different types of flowers for us to smell, touch, and carefully examine. We further explored the flowers by taking them apart and noticing parts we could otherwise not see. As you take things apart to their individual components, you get a different perspective on the item. We spread the petals on a flat surface to dry them for our art project. Though the activity produced our most fragile piece of art, not practical to keep in our art portfolio, it will be an indelible memory for the students, due to the activation of all senses during the entire experience. The art is proudly displayed in each child’s home right now—one of the few pieces to go home prior to the conclusion of Kindergarten!!

Petal Art
Flower drawing PM class
Petal Art Petal Art
Petal Art

Petal Art


With great care, we examined and slowly removed each piece of the flowers. We took note of what the thorns felt like, which direction they pointed in, if they hurt us, how the petals felt on our skin, what the flowers and their parts smelled like, etc. We were acting as flower scientists or botinists as we explored flowers by taking them down to their individual parts. What a unique experience!!
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