Inquiry Focus

Picasso Art--Taught by the Grade Ones

The grade ones taught us about Pablo Picasso cubism art. Students often find the study of Picasso's abstract works fascinating because even though Picasso's works aren't necessarily realistic, the viewer can usually discover the intent as well as how the artist chose DIFFERENTLY to represent the subject matter in his personal style. The Grade One’s helped us delve into Picasso's portraits and after sharing a myriad of visuals they created in his method, we made our own cubistic faces. We did this in a way that would be fun and simple, yet artistically meaningful.

First, the students shared how to take a magazine photograph, cut out only the face and then make small puzzle pieces of the face which you can put together in a distorted manner. This was a very popular activity for my Kindergarteners and they chose to continue to explore the art form on their own at centres for weeks after our grade one leadership. The grade ones also taught us how to divide our oval (the face) into sections to better create a realistic portrait. We would like to thank the Grade Ones for a wonderful lesson on Picasso and, maybe more importantly, a lesson on becoming more free and creative and learning to see in a different way.

Students are sharing their knowledge about Picasso.
By looking at artwork of the Grade One's we can learn more to help our inquiry grow!
Picasso experimented with traditional ideas of portriats and freed us to true creativity.


For more information about Picasso, see this web-site link:



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