Our Trip to A.E. Cross Junior High


When we started studying photography, we wished we had our own Dark Room so that we could see how photos are really developed! After watching a video about a photographer names Carrie, and how she developed her images, we had a better idea of what is needed to develop photographs.

Our teachers started investigating the schools within our community of Glendale and they were surprised to discover that a Junior High only a few blocks away had their own dark room!! We contacted the Photography teacher there, Mr. Terry Peterson, and we were so happy we did!!

Mr. Peterson not only explained the dark room and how it is used at A.E. Cross, but he also invited the Grade Ones to come and see it for ourselves!

Arriving at A.E. Cross Junior High! We were pretty excited to be at such a big school!
Mr. Peterson surprised us by taking a picture of our whole class with his pinhole camera! He developed these for us and we got to keep them!
Mr. Peterson explained what a pinhole camera was, and how his students created them. He answered our questions and even took us into the dark room to do our own developing!

When we got back, we were so tired, we could hardly eat our lunch!

It was a memorable day!




Copyright J.Lambrinoudis and M.Shervey