The students in both portraits took their time to blend various colors to match their skin tones.
The artist in this portrait captured her rosy cheeks by blending white and red pastels. She also used the smudging technique to match her lips.
This student noticed the various highlights in her hair. She applied different browns and blacks to get recognizable strands.
These two artists were able to match their skin tone color to their picture. Lots of blending was done especially under the eye where it is a little rosy and around the forehead.
This artist challenged himself in using various shades of colors to match skin tone. He used a paper towel to get this kind of effect.
This student recognized the different shades of brown between his skin color and lips.It was a challenge to work with lipsand skin color being so similar.
Notice in both portraits the students' blending is consistent. The portrait on the left has a similar color toner throughout his face. On the right, the student recognized his shadow and added a blush tone on his cheek.

Copyright J.Lambrinoudis and M.Shervey