Notice how the eye is at the same level and spaced proportionally from the centre line.
The position of the eye is nearing middle of the face rather than top of the head. Notice how he has observed the shape of the eyebrow and the almond shape of his eye.
Both artists did a good job capturing the color of her eye. In addtion, they paid attention to where they were looking.    








  These two artists paid close attention to the "almond" shape of the eye. They interestingly left the sclera white and tried to match the iris appropriately. The portrait on the right is symmetrical and has a detailed pupil.
The eye in this portrait is symmetrical and the color shows a mixture of shades of blue pastels.  
Notice how the artist was able to recreate the bottom part of his eye. The artist is aware that the whole eye is not exposed.      


Copyright J.Lambrinoudis and M.Shervey