Special attention has been paid to the curve of the jawbone and the heart shape of the face.
Notice the oval shape of the face. The artist carefully took time to match the width of the top of the head to the original photograph.
  This artist carefully studied the curve from her ear to her jawline. She also captured the appropriate distance from her lips to the side of her face.                  


    In these two portraits, notice the attempt to maintain the width of the face throughout the cheek from the forehead to the chin. The artsists have paid attention to the shape of their jaw and maintain the line it follows.
  This student worked hard to use his photograph to create the other side of his face. Notice how he incorporated the expression into the face shape.            
              This artist did an excellent job of creating her heart shaped face.    
            Both of these students had similar challenges in matching their oval shaped faces, and keeping their chins' rounded curve rather than a point.          
    This student paid close attention to where the apple of her cheek would be on her other side. She kept a round, heart shaped face structure.                              


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