Despite the challenge of having similar hair and skin colours, this artist used texture, blending and different shades to create a distinction between them.    
      Carefully looking at his photograph inspired this student to spend time on his mouth, including the slightest hint of teeth.
  Take note of the many colours this artist used in creating his hair colour, paying attention to what he had learned about true hair colour being multitonal.    
This artist took on the challenge of recreating his teeth. He used white pastel, as well as shades of grey to accomplish this.
Notice how both of these artists tried to capture their expression in the original photograph in their drawing.
    This student used her pastels to recreate the details such as her hair tucked behind her ear!      
        Notice how this artist mimicked her smile in her photograph, down to the crease it created!  

Copyright J.Lambrinoudis and M.Shervey