The Grade One students have begun a new inquiry centering on PERSPECTIVE. We launched our inquiry with a look into the art of photography, and exploring what we can capture through a lens. We are comparing what we see with what others see, and pondering why different people look at the world around them differently. We have been exploring perspective with an in-depth study into visuals, which prompted us to think about our other senses, and how we use them everyday. We are considering those who have an impaired sense and how they experience the world. Within our Perspective Inquiry, we will also be looking at the feelings and emotions that are evoked in us by different views, sights, photographs, drawings, and pictures. We will be experimenting with various ways to express these emotions using all of our senses. We will be investigating the different perspectives in literature, and taking a look at the different “sides” to every story. The children are involved in both writing and reading opportunities around perspective. In addition, we will be working on writing personal responses to photographs, experiences and stories. We have started to look at shapes and geometry as we launch our inquiry work, and we will continue to explore how we can change shapes and patterns by altering our point of view and perspective. We are beginning to notice how visuals, photographs, and news stories are all from a certain perspective and wondering about where they come from.


Our journey into perspective led us to many interesting places!! We have studied not only human senses but animal senses as well, and our study of photography has led us into a look into the Power of Image using the story of the Cyclops! We are planning to take a look at the unique perspective from outer space and to combine our Robotics work with this idea!

Take a look at the map of our journey!

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