As part of our study into Perspective, we decided to take a look at a famous artist who looked at things a little differently!! His name was Pablo Picasso, and we learned a lot about his style as an artist and how it changed throughout his life and career. He painted everything blue during his Blue Period, because he was feeling sad during this time. The kids in Grade One made an excellent connection to what we had been studying in our Voices in the Park story by Anthony Browne. The way a person is feeling affects the way they experience and represent the world around them.

In our experimentation with Picasso's style, we discovered how he saw and created human faces. This was very different from the "proper" way that we had learned when we did our self portraits, carefully alinging and focussing on matching reality. Picasso was not afraid to move facial features around, add exciting bright colours, and play with expression. So we decided we would not be afraid either!!

Take a look at how we made portraits of our classmates, cut up and rearranged - just how Pablo would have wanted them!

Our first step was doing some practice artwork using wax crayons. We not only practiced our portrait technique, but we then also used the crayons to experiment with colour the way Picasso did!
We then moved on to the medium of tempera paint. We used different shades of skin colour for our base but then we again incorporated bright primary colours to add some "Picasso style" to our work! We experimented and loved the way our friends' turned out!


We continued on to cut up our portraits and "redesign" them in a more abstract "Picasso" style!! We definitely had to get creative with our new representation of our peers!! Take a peek at how they turned out!!

Room 10 Picassos Room 11 Picassos



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