In order to complete our Robotics task, our students expressed that they needed to have something for the robot to "see" through the webcam that they were carrying.

Since we could not send our robots to "the real" planets in outer space, we decided to create our own model planet landscapes using papier mache, paint and our research!

In our Robotics groups, we spent time with the resources available to us, such as non fiction books, internet websites, videos, and various emails to University of Calgary experts in the Astronomy Department.


After gathering our facts, and learning many "did you know"s (Did you know Venus is the hottest planet??) to impress our parents with, we applied what we had found out to our plans for our landscapes. We took into consideration colour, climate, features and size of our planet. We got busy with our papier mache for 2 days straight and created exceptional models for our robots to explore!


These are some of our finished landscapes in use at our Robotics Celebration!




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