In connection with our perspective study, we ventured into the idea of how we see and perceive ourselves. This required us to take a "closer look" at our own faces and features. In focusing on our senses, we realized that our eyes were very unique and important parts of us.

Our first task required us to learn where exactly our features are located on our faces. We practiced drawing portraits using the crosssection method of dividing the face. We learned that eyes are actually located in the very centre of our faces! This helped us position our noses, mouths, and ears better.

After practicing, we were ready to take a look at our own faces. Our teachers challenged us by giving us half of a photograph of our own face and asked us to complete the other side. We worked with pencil first, carefully tickling the paper, and making measurements to place the features appropriately.

We got some help from our Grade 4/5 buddies and we even taught them some cool tricks such as, the distance between our eyes is one eye length, our lip to the bottom of our chin is one eye length, and our ears align with our eyes and our mouths.

We used oil pastels to add colour to our portraits. This added another challenge of matching skin tones. We were amazed at the variety of different colours we had to use, as well as the range of shades and tones within our classrooms. We practiced skills such as blending, using complementary colours, and comparing our work to the photograph.

We hope you enjoy these portraits and we challenge you to try it at home!!

Blending Attention to Detail Eye Detail Face Structure Careful Observation Symmetry


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