Our classrooms began discussing images...and what things give images power. We talked about the ways that images can affect us, and we generated three kinds of images with Mr. Stockton:

1. Lightning Bolt Images- images that clearly illuminate something specifically

2. Sheet Lightning Images- images that show the "big picture" to us (landscapes)

3. Thunder Images- images that "shake us up"

We generated these based on the story we heard of "Cyclops", which told of the monster with one eye. These three are similar to the powers of Cyclops....and thus, the power of image!!

I-Movie Task

Our students were given the task to work in small groups and generate a digital photoessay, with music, that would send a message using only images. We discussed the challenges involved in this task, including choosing images that were MEANINGFUL, CLEAR and THOUGHT-PROVOKING.

The four topics that the groups chose were

1. The Power of Nature

2.Caring for the World and Others

3. My Gift to the World

4.Protecting Animals and their Environments

When we were ready, our small groups worked with Mr. Hamby and Ms. Rae, our AISI Curriculum Leaders, to compile our chosen images into the I-Movie format. We chose accompanying music and set to work sending our messages through image.


First we learned with Mr. Hamby about the imovie program and what it was capable of!
Some of the images we wanted for our message we had to create ourselves.....
...some of us had fun with that!
Finally we were ready to compile the imovies on the laptops with Mr. Hamby's help!
We had to make some important decisions about how to make our images come in, exit, and transition for the best effect.
We got help to add in the audio that we wanted, which added to our message.
We did some final editing after we saw all of our images together...and the imovies were ready for sharing!

We were lucky to be able to share our imovies with the rest of Glendale School at our Sharing Assembly in December. Everyone was impressed and we were very happy that our imovies successfully communicated our messages about some important topics!! We had definitely learned the power of image!


Copyright J.Lambrinoudis and M.Shervey