We worked hard this year to develop our Creative Writing skills! We focused on our descriptive writing, and generated a lot of "juicy" words to help draw a picture for our readers and appeal to all of their senses!

Take a look at the writing samples below and see if you can experience it for yourself!

Sample One

I see an aiplane. It is red and black. I hear the gray propeller spinning. I smell dust from the runway. The wheels are making dust. I feel the dust making my fingers dry. I taste the exhaust coming out of the back of the airplane. The exhaust is going everywhere. Everybody is coughing because the airplane is going so fast and it is making dust. The dust is really gray and the wheels are really fast.


Sample Two

I see icicles as long as a boat. I hear snow crunching under the brave men. I feel puffy snow on my cold hands. I smell fresh snow. I hear an avalanch coming down. It is roaring down the mountains. I taste the snow. You can taste the water in your mouth. I smell sweat dripping down my forehead.


Copyright J.Lambrinoudis and M.Shervey