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Excited to finally hide their treasure boxes, students worked together to design a treasure map that was then traded with another group.

"It took us a really long time to hide our treasure box because we made a pretty detailed map. It looked like a real treasure map" "At first it was very hard at first because we had to decide what to call all the landmarks." "Using ourselves as decoys, Drew hid our treasure box in an unsuspecting spot. We even put some grass on top of it."

"We came up with a real nifty idea to go into the far corner of the field and hide it in the bushes." "We called the lone tree the 'Y tree' and the wall of bushes, 'Dead Man's Forest'". "We called the red bush the 'Fire Bush'. This is where we hid our treasure box."

"We decided to cover our box with leaves to camaflage it." "We've just finished hiding our treasure box...do you notice the fire bush?" "This is us exchanging maps with Megan's group...or so we thought. It ended up being Beert's groups map."

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