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Making Our Treasure Boxes

"We were excited to make our treasure box for our treasure hunt." "We were happy about Koen's really cool skull decoration for our treasure box." "Davis came up with the idea of attaching string to the inside of the lid so that it opened up like a real treasure box."
"This is us making our treasure boxes. We each took turns making parts of the box. I put on the moss...Evie and I cut the tape...AJ." "It wasn't the best day for me because I had to leave early."...Brodie "It was fun creating our treasure box. It was also hard because we had to wrap the brown paper around the box."
"I cut the key...Nicole and I did the wrapping...Rachel." "This is when we were wrapping the cover with tin foil to make it look shiny. We were the only group to use it for our lid." "This is our finished masterpiece!"

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