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What Do We Treasure?

The question, ‘What do we treasure?’ continued to broaden. The superficial and materialistic answers from earlier in the year have developed into an appreciation for history, artifacts and stories. The Chief Curator for the Glenbow Museum, Gerry Conaty spent a morning with us talking about artifacts and the role museums play in keeping stories alive.

"Mr. Conaty said that my (papa's) watch had a great story behind it and if I was to write a story about it, it would be worth sharing with others." Gavin "I was explaining to Mr. Conaty about the story of my grandma's organ pipes. He thought they were pretty nifty." Kelsen "Yeah! Finally an expert is looking at something of mine!" AJ
"Mr. Conaty and I were discussing whether or not my picture was even an artifact...and we concluded that yes, it is. It is an artifact because it is man made." Kaden "Mr. Conaty enjoyed listening to the story of my Dad's very cool, shot nickel." Davis "I was sharing the story of my Dad's 50 year old teddy bear with Kaden." Hugo

Artifacts borrowed from the Glenbow have enabled students to take a step back in time by creating characters who might have used these particular artifacts in Alberta’s history.

Tarry is a 39 year old farmer. He has dark blue pants with brown shoes and when he's cold, he has a brown coat. Tarry just received a new branding iron with his initials in it for his cows. Koen
Margot is a friendly, smart and quiet 13 year old girl. She's often seen wearing her new blue and white sun bonnet. Rachel
Christina is an 11 year old girl who is very smart and who loves to ride horses. She has long brown hair that's either tied up or let loose. Christina absolutely hates to iron. Evie
Javien is a friendly 19 year old that has no money and works full time as a carpenter. His clothes are ripped from the sharp blades of the block plane he uses every day. Craig
Carson is a tall, blond, greasy-haired boy. He wears a white torn shirt with a big heavy vest. He has a turnip watch that he stole from his teacher. Kaden
Karen is a 16 year old with long curly hair. Her beautiful face stuns most boys at her school. Karen likes to sneak out at night and try on her over gaiters that she got on her first birthday. They didn't fit her then, but now they fit like a glove. AJ

Ricky is a mischievous teenager. He is 16 years old and is very muscular. He has a six pack, dark hazel eyes and wavy brown hair. Everynight he sneaks out and climbs down a waterfall with barbed wire surrounding it. Gavin

Shawn is a small 9 year old boy who likes playing outside sports like soccer, football and others. He also likes to use his stereoscope to amuse himself. He has 3 dimensional pictures to use in his stereoscope. Myles
Farmer Ben is a grumpy 29 year old man with emerald green eyes and soft peach skin. He has a heavy branding iron to make a mark in the cows fur to tell him which cows are his. Arthur

Our Own Artifacts

We have come a long way in realizing that what we treasure is something that we hold close to our hearts and we cannot live without. We have also recognized that all treasures have a story and it is this story that keeps history alive.

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