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Students soon realized that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and transferred this into their robotics task; creating a prototype that would help to clean up the waste in their world – a world they ‘treasure’.

"Our robotics task was to have our robot follow a black line and stop at black dots along the way. The dots represented people's garbage. We designed a trailer with a crusher in it to crush the garbage at each stop. We had to use two light sensors, one to follow the black line and one to recognize the black dots that were placed 12 cm. off the black line. We had to use a third motor to operate the crusher. Our robots repeated this process until we stopped it. Basically, we created a garbage truck to do the dirty work for us!"

Beert, Gavin, Jami and Megan.

"At this point we were trying to figure out the problem with our crusher. We had to revisit our program." "My partner was away for a week! Aahhh!" "I remember being really frustrated at this moment because we couldn't figure out what order the icons should be in."
"Davis and I were HAPPY this day because we finally got our robot to work!" "This is when we were fixing our robot because it fell apart. We had to build a stronger chassis." "We had A LOT of problems with our crusher because it wasn't anchored on well enough. Megan gave us a hint and it worked for a while."
"This is when we were getting more readings." "This is one of our models. This was our super-duper slow one." "I'm attaching the robot to our trailer with axles and bushing spacers."
"This is our group with Mr. Jessee. We're testing our light sensor because it wasn't following the black line." "Noah and I were waiting to begin programming." "We were so happy that our robot could go around the small oval."
"We had to get more readings!!! We needed 4 dark and 4 light readings." "We are hoping our robot will turn the corner." "Programming was really frustrating because we had a pretty hard task. We also had problems downloading our program into the RCX box."
"Mr. Jessee was getting our motors mounted more securly onto our RCX box." "After in-putting numbers for the third time, our robot finally followed the black line. YEAH!" "Tyler and I were getting tips on how to make our chassis stronger because it kept falling apart."

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