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Art work

Shadows and Leaves | Fish and Canvas

How could we do art that would tie light and shadow, plants, and water with the Bow river study? Very tricky!

To start our Light and Shadow and Water art projects we watched a video showing Andy Goldsworthy at work. The video was entitled Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time. He works in and with nature. He collects materials from a particular landscape (leaves, twigs, stones, snow, mud) to use in creating temporary sculptures, like a line of colored leaves, a tower of snowballs, a circle of woven bamboo. He documents his work with stunning photographs. After watching parts of the video we discussed his type of art and debated whether his work was really art. After looking at the elements of art we concluded that Andy’s work is indeed “A work of art.”

The students had a chance to try to duplicate Andy Goldsworthy’s work in nature as well. They divided themselves into groups and tried to create sculptures with found objects on the playground. They discovered that it was harder than anticipated to create sculptures that cast shadows and did not blow away before being documented with the digital camera.

Our art project was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and we had fun imagining being both above and below the Bow River water line