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Shadows and Leaves | Fish and Canvas

Shadows and Leaves

Goldsworthy works with the colours of nature as his guide and medium. In one of his projects he gathered coloured leaves and arranged them in a pool of water. He said,“ I could feel the colour and had to discover a way of unlocking it, of activating it, and I found the water was the way to bring the leaf to life.”

We then tried to recreate one of the sculptures we saw on the video. We used oil pastels and experimented with our blending techniques. We discovered that relying on memory to recreate a piece of work is not very accurate. We can add more detail and colours when the art we are trying to duplicate is in our eye sight.

Next day we had the students bring a picture of a dogwood leaf to class. We decided on the Dogwood because it grows along the Bow River and we were trying to make our connections with the Water Project. We drew the Dogwood on a large sheet of art paper. We duplicated the shape and colours as closely as possible. The students worked hard on their blending and colour combinations to make the leaf appear realistic.

Once the leaves were complete we then took a digital picture of each student behind a screen. The students created two shapes and received a copy of both for the second stage of their project. The students learned about comparative measurement and tried to duplicate their shadow shape. Once the shape was drawn they darkened it with charcoal and cut it out. They glued their shadow on the leaf and will attach the leaves together with twigs. The leaves will then be displayed on a table representing the Bow River. Just like Andy Goldsworthy and his leaves the students have created their own shadow and leaves.

We made shapes with our bodies and went behind a shadow screen.
We took picutres of our shadows anad then chose one to draw for our leaf.
We talked aobut porportion and we tried to do comparative meansurements so that our bodies would be in proper proportions.
After our practice drawing, we drew our bodies on stiffer paper.
We used charcoal to shade our body shapes.
We cut our bodies out and glued them on our leaf.