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The Blue Group: Jennifer, Chanelle, Brienna

April 14


Our robot is designed to go along the pipe in a water treatment plant and look for a crack. When it finds a crack it will stop and spray foam so that when someone comes they will see the foam and repair the pipe.

April 15


When building our robot we learned that you need to make the box beam really sturdy and hook on the RCX box so it doesn’t move. We also learned that the wheels should not tough the RCX. To stop this from happening we placed pegs between the bushing blocks and the wheels. It also stops the wheels from rubbing against the gears. The box beam was the easiest to build because we were shown how. The hardest part was the wheels. First there weren’t enough of one kind, then the wheels were too small and they rubbed. Or they one was perfect, but kept popping out. Then we didn’t have the right sprocket. It took some time to get the wheels right. We didn’t have a picture in our heads of what we were building. We fiddled around with the pieces, asked classmates or looked at the robots others were building.

April 28


When programming we learned to look at the broken arrow. This meant that the program was not written correctly. We could click on the arrow and it tells us where the arrow is and we could fix it. If we did it right we would get a white arrow. We learned that Control B gets rid of bad wires and delete gets rid of an unwanted icon. The jump icon does the program over again. This was new for us.

April 29


Working in a group can be frustrating because one person may go ahead of the others. We decided that we would take turns building things. It is difficult in a group, but there are more ideas that you can talk out. You can ask for the others for their opinions (Does this go here?). Working alone wouldn’t work because you only had your own ideas and you would be stuck. It was fun to disagree.

April 29


Jennifer: I like robotics becasue I get to learn more icons and how to make my robot stronger.

Chanelle: Now I want to change the task because it does not turn very well.

Brienna: Last your our program wasn’t as complicated. We didn’t use a task splitter. The building was tough because we changed lots of stuff like the wheels and bricks. This year was more complicated than last year.