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Brown Group: Rachel, Brandon T., Ali, Alysia

April 14


Our robot is going to go down the Bow River searching for any oil spills. If it sees an oil spill, by detecting black, it will stop and open its claw and then close it and play a tune. It continues to look on the Bow River for oil spills

April 15


The first part of building was good. We built a box beam and a gear train. Then we started adding the wheels onto our robot. We realized that there were two wiggly wheels and when it was going straight it started to turn with the wiggly wheels. So we asked Mr. Jessee about it. He said, “You will have to take basically all your robot apart to fix it!” So we took it apart. It was very frustrating. But we put it back together. Next we had started on the claw it was so hard to on. It took 3 days to start it and work on it. We had to change the structure because things were in the way. We took the rubber off the front wheels to help it turn better. We also changed the size of the back wheels. (Ali)
I learned that there is a little peg that is half normal and fits into a bushing block. The other side is not seen and won’t pop out one side so you can still use the bumps on the Lego. (Rachel)

April 28


At first we did not think of starting with a simple program, so we got all confused in the bigger program. So we started with a simple plan and we worked our way up to our final program. Wires were almost always broken or there would be another problem. Our program was very frustrating because sensors would not work and our program would not go into the RCX box.
This year we learned how to program our robot to do 2 tasks. Multi-tasking was really hard. We knew what we wanted our robot to do and we sometimes needed to go back to the program and make changes in order for it to happen (not turning as much as we wanted, so we changed the number). The light sensor wasn’t working. We didn’t notice that the sensor was on input 1 and we had put input 2. It is important to find the problem. At one point we copied a program from another group to see if it would work for us. Even though it worked, we changed it because it was not the program we wanted for our task.

April 29


We noticed that someone was doing a lot of the work. We decided to time each other and then switch. Also we broke up into smaller groups. One group would be on the computer sorting out the program, while the other group would be building the robot. We tried each idea and used the best one. We wouldn’t like to do robots by ourselves. It would be more frustrating because no one would help you or suggest things so you would struggle more.

April 29


Rachel: This year was much better because I leaned so much more. I leaned that you don’t always have to have 4 wheels for turning. You can have a caster. I had a good time in robotics.

Ali: I like robotics because I like Lego and it is like Lego. I don’t like robotics because sometimes you can get into an argument over which direction the claw will go, but we worked it out. Our group took the rubber off the front wheels so it will turn better.

Alysia: I learned more about robotics than any other year because nobody would let me help so I just sat around doing nothing.

Brandon T: My opinion would be to get more time because we didn’t get all our programming done.