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Green Group: Brandon D., Kyle and Paria

April 14


Our task for our robot is to go up and down a dam wall checking for cracks. It hits the dam wall, backs up, turns around, and heads to the opposite side of the dam. When it finds a crack it stops and will put an arm down to weld the crack and then it continues going up and down the dam.


April 15


We found that the easiest thing to build was the box beam. We also found it fairly easy to put the wheels on. The hardest part was putting on the motors. They kept falling off because of the bump underneath. How did we decide which pieces to use? We knew what we wanted the pieces to do and then went looking for a piece that would work. We were introduced to a lot of new pieces, such as the one that slides alongside the motor.
I learned that a triangle is a strong shape to build and it can be attached to the side of the box beam (Kyle).
I learned how to build a box beam. We didn’t do that last year. (Paria)
I learned how to secure the RCX box (Brandon D.)

April 28


Programming was very hard because there are too many icons. How did we decide which icons to use? We did a lot of things to help. We thought about the task and what the robot needs to do; we looked at the pictures in the functions table; we asked a grade 6 student who was helping us and we asked our expert who was in the classroom.
I learned how to open the program and how to take an icon and place it into the program. I didn’t do much programming last year. (Paria)
I learned how to make the program page smaller so that another group could open their program page and use the tower to download it. (Brandon D)
I learned the jump and land icons. These are used to restart the program. (Kyle)

April 29


Our team sometimes worked together and sometimes worked alone. We had Brandon’s mom help us. She asked us questions, gave us clues as to how to solve a problem, made sure that we shared the work and that we all had a job to do. Robotics would be too hard to do if you were on your own. You need to help each other.

April 29


Kyle: If we used a caster it would turn better.

Brandon D: I like robotic but it can e frustrating because our program doesn’t normally work. I like the task that we chose because it was sort of easy. Our group worked good together.

Paria: I don’t really like robotics because it is too hard and we have to write in our journals and I don’t really know about robotics.