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Water and robots are not always a good combination. The students brainstormed ways robots could work in water, particularly in the Bow River. Some of the ideas were:

After discussing the tasks further, and looking at the materials we had available, students were able to decide as a group which task their robot was going to do. There were certain requirements when building their robot. For example each robot needed to go forwards, have a sensor (either light or touch sensor) and turn.


Our robotics started with a review. We looked at building gear trains, box beams, and the icons on the robotics program. The time was spent trying new combinations, touching the pieces and sharing what was discovered.

Comments from parents


This was an afternoon where all the students celebrated their accomplishments. The work they had done was difficult and frustrating. Some groups were disappointed that their robot didn't actually do what they wanted it to do, but we were very proud of all they had done. Parents and friends were invited into the classroom and were also very impressed.