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Orange Group: Johanna, Quintin, Rachael

April 14


Our robot’s job is to look for leaks on pipes at the water treatment plant. When it sees a crack in the pipe, it stops and sprays red foam. This is to block the leak so no more water comes out. The foam is red so it is easier for the people who will fix the crack properly to find it. Once the robot has sprayed the red foam, it continues along the pipes turning left and right with the pipes.

April 15


It was hard to build the chassis because we had to build extensions for the RCX box to fit. We put plates underneath the chassis to strengthen the structure as it kept falling apart when we pressed down on it. We found it easy to put on treads, except for the sprockets falling out. We fixed this problem by putting on bushing spacers.

April 28


The programming was very difficult because we forgot to connect all of the wires. Also, we had things in the wrong order, so the light sensor wouldn’t work because it was on the wrong input for the program to work. A new thing for us was the multi task sensor. We weren’t sure how it worked or where it went. We also learned how to use the jump and land icons.

April 29


It was good working in a group because we could ask each other questions, such as where the pieces should go. As well Quintin had knowledge that was useful to the group because he had done a different robot last year compared with Johanna and Rachael. Sometimes when one person was programming the others were unsure as to what they could be doing.

April 29


Rachael: In my opinion treads work better than wheels because we tried treads and they were easy and other groups said wheels were hard to put on.

Johanna: I think we could have put on a castor.

Quintin: This year was better than last year because last year was my first year and everything was new. This year I had more knowledge to build on to.