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Red Group: Nathan, Alex, Ryan, Dylan

April 14



Our task was to go side to side on a dam. Whe the robot sees a crack on the dam wall, it will stop, back up and fix the crack by throwing putty onto the crack. When the robot bangs into the wall it will back up, turn and go back the other way.


April 15


The easiest thing for us to build was the box beam because we've done it before. The box beam is something that you can just add pieces too. The most difficult part was to put on the touch sensors because it was hard to find the pieces and get them on right. One sensor didn't work so we had to use one from another group. Then the sensor was too sensitive and stopped at the marks on the floor. We knew that the gears needed to mess and sometimes it was difficult to find the right pieces. We had to change the design of the castor because it kept breaking and we wanted it to be more vertical so the light sensor was facing downwards. It is important for a person to do the work in order to learn how to do it. For example Ryan had a castor on his robot last year, but he was not involved in building it and didn't know how to do it this year.

April 28


What was really frustrating about programming was having a helper come in who made things incredibly confusing and then leave us. So we were stuck with a complicated program that we tried to fix but couldn’t. We started again. We knew what we wanted the robot to do and we knew what the icons meant. By the end, the program was huge but not as confusing. We used 3 jumps and 3 lands. We were really happy about the changes we made. We were really happy about how our robot performed the second time it performed in front of the parents. The first time it performed in front of the parents it detected the little black dot on the ground so it didn’t work.

April 29


The group had some fights when there was only the job of building to do, and when we were frustrated at programming. One day the robot fell off the table by one member of the group, but was put back together by the other members. Some members stayed after school to get the robot finished.

April 29


Nathan: I like robotics because you get to use your imagination. Robotics is frustrating because sometimes your group does not agree on what to do. It is fun because you get to program your robot just like the people who program robots to go underwater.

Alex: Robotics is complicated especially when you are new. I think robotics in this school is fun because you don’t have to copy off a card for the design. I had fun because I learned a lot in robotics that was new.

Dylan: If we had more time we could have made the robot better because our claw we could have made it turns around longer. WE could have made the light sensor so it could detect better and the touch sensor is better so when it touches something it would work.

Ryan: I think that Nathan and me did most of the work so now I feel bad and we all took turns.