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Yellow Group: Josh, TJ, Ross and Amara

April 14



Our robot goes down the banks of the Bow River. If it sees an oil spill it stops for 4 seconds and then resumes its patrol. If it hits a rock it backs up and turns around it.

April 15


When building we understand the importance of a strong structure or the robot will fall apart. However, the structure also needs to be light (Ross). What was new for all of us was articulated steering (turning like a car).
I learned that when a small gear is powering a big gear there is more power. When a big gear is powering a small gear it will g fast, but does not have the power. (TJ)
We had to make the chassis bigger because the articulated steering, RCX box and motors wouldn’t fit on the one we built. We used black pegs when attaching the extended chassis so that it wouldn’t jerk and then we reinforced it with flat plates. For the light sensor, it was important to find a specific piece so it would point down.

April 28


After everyone was far in their robot we had a programming lesson. We learned the basics of programming and what all the icons do. We started out just making our robot go forward. Then we had a problem. Our robot needed to do two things but you can only wire one icon. So Mr. Jessee showed us how to use a multi task icon. When we were far in our program Mr. Jessee showed us all the things we missed because we were working too fast. The next day we lost our program so we had to start again (a grade 6 student helped). Then we built a course to test our robot. Our program was to go forward until it saw oil. If it saw oil it would stop for 6 seconds. If it hit a rock it would back up and turn around it. Our robot didn’t work but it did partially do the task. We learned lost about programming. We had to down load several times. We had to fix bad wires several times. We also had to make our work neat (Mr. Jessee showed us a trick with the wires to make it neat).

April 29


Working in a group is difficult because not everyone gets along all the time. Not all the hands could be touching the robot at the same time. It was interesting because the people who were not touching the robot were able to solve problems because they were able to observe and make suggestions. Even if it looked like they weren’t doing anything, they were doing something. We taught and listened to each other.

April 29


Josh: robotics is frustrating because some times you don’t participate. Robotics is fun because you get to choose how you put it together.

TJ: I think instead of having articulated steering we could have a caster because it would be easier to make our robot turn.

Ross: At first robotics was very fun. The lessons were fun but building was even more fun. But when we started programming and people fighting it wasn’t fun. So it started out fun but then it got boring and not fun. There were good and bad parts.

Amara: Robotics is frustrating, but quite fun and worthwhile.