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By Laws

By Alex

Finding out all of the by laws about the Bow River was difficult. It has been hard to study because different departments deal with different aspects of the river. The different departments that are involved are the By Law office, the government of Alberta, the City of Calgary Police Department, the City of Calgary Fire Department, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Alberta Environment.

There are some by laws that I did find out. It is illegal to camp along the Bow River in areas that are not campgrounds. It is illegal to put non-native fish into the Bow River. This means that you are not aloud releasing pet fish. If you do release your pet fish it won’t survive or it could threaten the other fish because it might have an illness. The water in the Bow River is different from the water in the fish tank. You are not allowed to ride a motorboat on the Bow River, although there are exceptions. The search and rescue team is allowed to use a motorboat.